Thursday, December 31, 2015

Idiot does idiotic thing

A 74-year-old Park Slope Prius driver used the bike lane to squeeze through double-parked cars on a packed street and ended up sandwiched between two, police and witnesses said. 
The shenanigans happened Tuesday at about 12:40 p.m. when the Prius driver made a right turn near Berkeley Place and Seventh Avenue, police and witnessess said. The driver told police he miscalculated when trying to park. 
 “I saw the Toyota make a turn and hit the car on the right. The man then proceeded to make his turn hitting the car on the left,” said Alexander Meditz, who saw the scene and snapped a few photos while he was on a walk with his family.
“He continued to force his way between the two cars and then ended up getting completely stuck between the next set of cars,” Meditz said.

I swear this is one of the people who, years ago, had an "unintended acceleration" incident. Maybe it was someone else but...

The only thing to say about this is, obviously, "Prius Driver"? Sure, it could have been any car and no, Prius drivers don't have a higher accident or, in this case, intentional damage rate higher than other vehicles owners.

But wow, this one is really bad. This is when you hope the cop will just walk over, demand to the see the driver's license and then tear it up in front of them and intone, "you're riding the bus from here on out".