Friday, December 18, 2015

Congratulations and welcome to the Prius Owner's family

It couldn’t have been a better time for Jeanne Beffrey to win a Prius from Toyota Knoxville. She was chosen from over 16,000 people who entered a contest to win a new car.
Beffrey is a home healthcare nurse from Jefferson City. Her job requires a lot of travel, so she puts a lot of miles on her car, not to mention all the gas.
Thursday the car dealership handed the fuel efficient car over to Beffrey. She said the car is going to help her tremendously.“This is going to make a big difference for me,” said Beffrey. “I have to spend a lot of money in gas going back in forth. I driver over two hours a day taking care of patients, going to their homes.” She also received one year of free gas with her new car, which means she will have even less to worry about as she works to take care of people across the area.