Monday, December 7, 2015

Attack of the Prius Killers

(insert cheesy 50's monster film theme music here)

I suppose it's a tool of the professional writer (which certainly does not describe me in any meaningful way), to use comparisons to give scope and depth to your articles. It's inevitable. Or is it? Is it a cliche, at this point, to compare every hybrid, and sort of hybrid to the Prius. Or is this flattery? Is it a necessary touchstone we use to accurate appraise these vehicles?

Hyundai has been spotted testing what appears to be a new, dedicated hybrid, in several iterations by the way. And when I mean "spotted", I mean, like most "spy photos" it smells a lot more like a contrived and careful leak than anything we could honestly fall under the rubric of industrial espionage. But these days, it seems all the big car companies have steady relationships with the various auto spies and love to do their teaser campaigns through them.

This where I shake my head and say, "whatever."

What Hyundai has said about this new vehicle sounds like they've been cribbing from Toyota's playbook. The coming in 2016 vehicle is "dynamic" and features "responsive handling while remaining efficient in each of its three powertrain configurations." Of course.

And to be honest, I hope it's an awesome hybrid. Not that the Prius needs one more car to eclipse its once almost unchallenged spot as the technology and MPG leader. There are many in 2015 and that's my only issue with this is why a hybrid? 

Well, Hyundai had responded to that by prototyping and testing this car in a standard hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure EV configurations.

It will be very interesting to see where this goes from here.