Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Personal Recommendation

I've known Paul Guzyk for a handful years. A long time ago I interviewed him when he had a shop in Berkeley upgrading Prius batteries. Paul was one of the few people doing it ethically, competently and sensibly.

Paul appears on my show, What Drives Us, a lot and he has been a speaker at To Go Before. So we're friends. And yes, if I was anywhere near Boulder Paul is the only person I would take my Prius to. He's a walking encyclopedia. He's worked on so many Priuses that he has a bigger picture than most of what goes wrong and how to fix it. He's also that, sadly, all too rare an item, a genuine and honest technician. I've seen it over and over, Paul takes such good care of his customers. He's in it in for the long term. So he'll give you the best solutions and you can rest assured you're not getting the "dealer treatment". Visit his site and check it out and, if you're anywhere nearby, take your Prius to Paul. It could not end up in better hands.