Thursday, December 17, 2015

A personal irritant

All over the web this week has been the below image...
It's a TRD body kit for Prius that is being sold, or will be sold, in Japan. My problem with this is pretty simple. There have long been kits and add-ons to add style or function or style and functionality to the Prius, Toyota never sells them in the US. The US arm of Toyota has, seemingly as a matter of policy, refused to even acknowledge that anyone could possibly harbor any desire to change or upgrade their Prius so if you wanted something, you had to dig to find it. Stores like priusownergroup favorite, The Prius Chat Shop have made a living selling the stuff Toyota can't sell or refuses to sell.

Maybe it will be different with this car. Toyota finally seems to ready to admit that some owner might actually enjoy driving the hybrid legend. Might be ready. Their marketing campaign seems aimed at the "not your father's Buick" market, which is fine, I just question whether they will follow through or not. Historically, they've dropped that ball numerous times.