Saturday, February 6, 2016


Whatever anyone thinks of Toyota's decisions, Toyota is making boatloads of money doing what they do.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Prius Super Bowl Commercial

As you might imagine, the new Prius commercial we discussed below was all the rage in this morning's Prius news samplings.
I don't really have anything else to say other than, well, Toyota asked for it. They made a commercial where their product was the punchline and most everyone I've read got it. The general reaction I've seen to it has been mixed. Some folks genuinely appreciated the (sort of) self-deprecating humor that forms the backbone of this spot. Others, much like, seem less enthusiastic about the sillier approach.

It will be interesting to see the spot in the context of the super bowl, matched against other big budget spots and how it will look in comparison to those.

You'll hear more from me on Monday about this issue. I promise.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

This is what Twenty Million Dollars Looks LIke

Well, the cost of the ad and placing it during the super bowl.
Thanks to my friends at Prius Chat for tip and the video link.

Speaking only for myself, sadly, I think it's another misstep for Toyota Prius commercials. Toyota and their ad agencies love silly ads. I guess they're more "creative". For myself, I think you could have something like the ad below and got the point across much more effectively. As I said a couple of days ago when I first posted this, I think the jabs at the target group are misplaced. And the inclusion of those characters isn't going to appeal to purist petrolheads. So I think this commercial is nowhere near perfect but it's miles better than the silly ass Prius commercial above.
And just to either prove I'm not a total no fun guy or I'm a confused, mixed message nightmare. I love the talking ducks in the Prius spot.

It will be very interesting to see how this commercial performs for Toyota. Does it make you want to buy a Prius?

UPDATE: I just saw this. Score one for Toyota (unless this is a paid mention).

A Song With Your Anime?

Since today, we're all about the video here on the POG, here's the latest addition to Toyota Japan's Prius push. A song and music video to go with their Parts Impossible Girls.

Revel in it my friends.

Toyota's "Prius! Impossible Girls" project debuted last month with 40 car parts reimagined as girls, some even assigned voice actresses like Kana Hanazawa.
On January 25, the site added its "Real Voice Song" section with the track "Shij┼Ź no Koe" (Test Drive Voices) produced by Oster Project with the Vocaloid GUMI. The song utilizes the thoughts of 50 Prius test drivers sang by GUMI.

Toyota instructed the participants to use three English words when describing their experience and to compare the car to something else. Some of the results are comical, with lines in the song like:
"To put it succinctly, it looks like a starfruit.”
“The driving experience is like smooth yogurt.”
“It's an energetic kid running about.”
“It's a lioness.”
“A linear motorcar for the streets.”
“This car is a fighter, just like me.”
The website hosts a section for a game that isn't active yet. The website also boasts a card section that shows the various parts with different point values. Can badges, giant cushions, and wall scroll of the characters are also planned.

Video of the "Racing" Prius

Really, I got nuthin' here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bye, Bye Scion

Word on the street is that Toyota is phasing out Scion as a stand alone brand and will incorporate remaining models (TBD) into MY 2017.

Interesting choice.

Someone at Toyota isn't afraid of some bold moves.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Want Thank Audi...

...and their somewhat ironic tagline (Truth in Engineering, given their connection to VW, hilarious) for mentioning and picturing the leader, the icon, the paradigm when it comes to eco friendly vehicles, the Prius. There's a reason some companies never mention competing products and that's usually because there is no reason that won't benefit the competitor more than their own product. I think Audi's made a mistake here. It's a funny commercial, but honestly, do you want to piss in the pool of the same people you want to buy your product? "Hey, nerdy enviro jerks, buy our product and you'll be cool." Not the approach I would have taken.

That said, one part was awesome, showing that EVs aren't for putzing around the neighborhood and you can be bad ass in one. Even a station wagon.